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To work on an innovative team that builds great software applications and delivers genuine user experience for bettering the world through technology

Technical Skills

  • Security: pfSense firewall, TLS/SSL certificate configuration and management
  • Networking: DHCP, DNS, managed switches, QoS
  • Operating systems: Linux including Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS, RHEL; Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server
  • Technical/writing: technical documentation, SOPs, analytical troubleshooting, systems analysis
  • Web server administration: NGINX, Apache; deployment and configuration
  • Data management: File servers and backups, rsync, RAID, hardware configuration, samba
  • Project management: managed product and key system development, special project collaborations

Application Proficiency

  • VCS: Mercurial, Git
  • Web server development platform: LAPP/LAMP
  • Configuration/deployment: Puppet, Vagrant, Fabric
  • Issue tracking: Fogbugz/KILN, GitHub
  • Graphic design: Adobe CS5 - Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • SugarCRM: internal support, administration, module development
  • Zendesk: technical support, helpdesk cloud application
  • Microsoft suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Development Languages and Tools

  • Server-side: Django - Python web framework; PHP and CMSes - Joomla, WordPress
  • Shell scripting: UNIX/Bash
  • Design: Twitter Bootstrap, Responsive design workflow, mobile, feature detection
  • Web development: HTML5, CSS3
  • Web scripting: JavaScript, jQuery
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Servers: Apache, IIS, NGINX
  • Data-interchange: XML, JSON

Professional Experience

Proteome Software, Inc, Portland, Oregon
IT/Operations Manager 2008 to present

  • Manage network administration, information technology (IT), and operations
  • Managed Technical Support department, including training new hires
  • Product management: oversaw development of products, prioritizing features
  • Managed design, development, and maintenance of the company's websites
  • Tested software pipeline in-house, manual and automated testing
  • Maintained company's hardware and equipment, including networking
  • Marketing and graphic design, including product brochure and web site design
  • Technical writing, documentation, and implemented company's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • MySQL database administrator for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application
  • Implemented technical support system (Zendesk) and customer relationship management (SugarCRM)

CISTech Consulting, Portland, Oregon
Founder/Developer, 2009 to present

  • Web site design, implementation and maintenance
  • Designed and deployed several Django web sites and applications
  • Designed and developed an assortment of static and dynamic web sites with CMSes, such as Joomla and WordPress
  • Back end work in PHP and Python and front end in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Group (PacMass), Seattle, WA
Web Designer/Developer, Volunteer Officer, 2010 to 2014

  • Redesigned the organization's website
  • Refactored entire static site into dynamic PHP site reducing code by half
  • Enhanced maintainability with simple PHP design
  • Improved upon existing website format and implemented changes

Biosite, San Diego, CA
Research Associate III, 2005 to 2008

I worked as a research associate and analytical biochemist from 2005 to 2008, when Biosite was purchased by Inverness. Many in R&D were laid off, including me. This is when I made the transition to a full-time career in software.

Biotechnology and Analytical Chemistry, WA, CA
Lab Researcher, Research Associate, and Spectrometrist, 1999 to 2005

I worked as a laboratory technician, research associate, and analytical biochemist in the field of biotechnology from 1999 until 2005.


Portland Community College, Portland, OR 2010-2012
Computer Information Systems (CIS), including web site development, server administration, networking and Java development.

  • 2011 - Web Site and Application Development Certificate, including Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • 2011 - Java Application Programming Certificate, including JavaServer Pages, Tomcat Containers, and J2EE Web Tier Development
  • 2010-2012 Associates degree course work in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA. Graduated 2002
Bachelor of Science (BS), Biochemistry with emphasis in protein science, microbiology, and environmental toxicology


Publications (software development era)
Python is (Not) a Scripting Language

Setting up GlusterFS for Reliable, Distributed Redundancy: RAIS

Securing a Django Application with TLS using Lets Encrypt, NGINX, and uWSGI

Web Developers, Come On. You're Dropping the Authentication Ball!

An agglomerative point clustering algorithm and downstream workflow for accurately interpreting high-resolution LC-MS metabolomics data (in review). Phillip Seitzer, Ph.D; Caleb Emmons, Ph.D; Susan Ludwigsen; Seth Just; Nick Vincent-Maloney; Jimar Miller; Luisa Zini, Ph.D; Jana Lee; Brian Searle

Posters (software development era)
An Adjusted-Median Approach to Missing Values in Label Free Quantitation. ASMS 2016. Seth Just, Luisa Zini, Nick Vincent-Maloney, Brian Searle

Normalizing Post Translational Modification (PTM) Expression by Protein–Level Quantitation in Scaffold PTM. ABRF 2016. Luisa Zini, Seth Just, Nick Vincent-Maloney, Brian Searle

Troubleshooting LTQ and LTQ-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS Systems with MassQC. ASMS 2011. Nick Vincent-Maloney, John Klimek, and Christopher Mason

Publication Acknowledgements (biochemistry/biotechnology era)
Oxidative Inhibition of Human Soluble Catechol-O-methyltransferase. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2004, 279. 23710-718. N. J. H. Cotton, B. Stoddard, and W. W. Parson.

Development of Potent Monoclonal Antibody Auristatin Conjugates for Cancer Therapy. Nature Biotechnology. 2003. S. O. Doronina, B. Toki, M. Y. Torgov, B. A. Mendelsohn, C. G. Cerveny, D. F. Chace, R. L. DeBlanc, R. P. Gearing, C. B. Siegall, J. A. Francisco, A. F. Wahl, D. L. Meyer, and P. D. Senter.

SGN-35, an anti-CD3-monomethyl auristatin E conjugate with potent and selective antitumor activity. Blood. 2003, 102 (4). 1458-65. J. A. Francisco, C. G. Cerveny, D. L. Meyer, B. J. Mixan, D. F. Chace, K Gordon, R. DeBlanc, B. E. Toki, S. O. Doronina, C. B. Siegall, P. D. Senter, and A. F. Wahl.


References and/or recommendation letters will be provided upon request

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